About Us

Meet The Team

Mainak Panchal
Chartered Accountant / Photographer

I am Mainak Panchal born around books. During my school days my father had bought a book of Japanese photographer who had taken photos of Himalaya and the photos were so amazing that I was stunned, and I still feel goose bumps by remembering the photos.

Vipul Shah
Engineer / Photographer

I am Vipul Shah (Vips, friends call me with this short name). The passion of photography born because of my father who had made huge collection of pictures of famous people to whomever he met during his working life.

Who is Behind The Scene?

We both are from state of Gujarat, India which is one of the old states of India and the state is famous for its traditional dance, heritage, food and business minded community. We migrated to Singapore to explore life and opportunities of life. We both met accidentally and over a period we have created a bond of friendship among each other.

We both share and enjoy the passion of photography We are amateur photographers with passion to capture the sweet moments of photography.

Our forte at this point of time in photography is

  • Landscape, City Scape
  • Party Photography
  • Flowers
  • Sunrise, Sunset
  • Family photography
  • Portraits of our loving spouses, family and friends

We are more than happy to capture the moments of family gathering, parties, community events or portraits of yourself/your family through our lenses. We openly welcome any comments to improve our passion, feedback, criticism about our photos and the content we are sharing on this platform.

What is Our Process?

We respect our clients with their requests and demands. Same time we provide our views and suggestion based on our expertise so we reach to the final goal to capture the best of best moments.

  • Understand the requirement of client
  • Convey the story through images
  • Selecting the perfect location and timing
  • Providing the images as per time frame
  • Create idiosyncratic anthology of memories

Why Choose Us?

We are simply passionate about photography and our motto is to bring the smile and happiness on face of our customer. The memories which we are capturing should become timeless beauty for the coming years.

  • Personal unique touch
  • Passionate
  • Timebound

Our Skills

  • Event photography

  • Portrait

  • Family / Group photography

  • Tour photography


Vipul and Mainak have been engaged with SGS for over 5 years now and have lent their services with great passion and love for what they do. They are extremely professional in their undertaking and we have nothing but amazing things to say and our experience has been fantastic. We would recommend them for sure.

Singapore Gujarati Society

As a photographer Mainak & Vipul captures beautiful images. Aspects of life that bring joy and wonderment...a smile of child or stranger passing by, colorful sunrise from the top of a mountain, thunderous storm over cityscape, daily life in a local market, and anything else that may spark a sense of excitement to photograph.


A good photographer's value is in the ability to see things in a way that others cannot see & this is what I learned seeing the snaps captured by Vipul and Mainak. I am really impressed with their passion, knowledge of subject and sense of colors. I am always looking forward to seeing their next photo album. I wish them a bright future


Photographs clicked by Mainak & Vipul in recent years have created unique world in freeze timeline. His passion is visible in photographs captured from various settings like Sunrise, Sunset, Nature, Urban buildings, Reflections and Flowers. Their photographs are mesmerizing, bring smiles, and ignites joy and happiness.


The eyes can see but can't capture permanently. Vipul and Mainak, not become "eyes" but they capture with their hearts. Their resulting pics are born out of a skillset ingrained with passion. They are amazing, dedicated & passionate photographers; it’s a team, which motivates each other and challenge conventional boundaries.