Window of Hope

This morning when I woke up and was getting ready to work from home, I saw sun coming out from sky through our window. The sky was telling me to cheer up world is not going to end and as nature when I am bringing colourful morning then why you are so stress and depress?

Life during lockdown is a new experience for all of us. When I was looking out of window, I was trying to feel pain of a prisoner, a patient or a migrant who stuck up at their respective places and waiting for destiny to bring some change. If we compare our lockdown pain with them then I felt, we are in far better condition compared to what they might be suffering. It is a test of our mind power, unity, humanity and finally as my wife says it is war against your own self to believe in yourself and your positiveness.

The prisoner behind the cell must be going through pain of what action he did and might be wondering when he will see the real world and his own family back. He lives with a hope that one day he will be free. He may not able to see the sun like you and me are seeing. He doesn’t have a freedom to watch movies on Netflix or use mobile to talk to anyone in world at any time. He must be keeping himself alive with hope that one day he will be a good man and world will accept him. In current lockdown situation we are not prisoners, but we are law abide citizens who wants to defeat virus and make world much better place to live.

The patient who is lying on bed of hospital is fighting with each second of his life to see again the bright side of life. Whether he has any choice other than hope? He hopes that medicines will work, his body will react to medical treatment and family waiting outside or at home will see him back soon. The family must be going through pain, anxiety and stress. Whether their pain, anxiety and stress can be compared with our lockdown situation? The answer is no as we are anxious and feeling stress for being force down with lockdown. Whether Government is going to get any benefits or any personal gain from lockdown? The lockdown is for our own safety and care.

I am writing this but back of my mind stress is going on whether the economy will survive the fallback, whether my job will continue, whether anything will happen to me or those near me? Why this restlessness or negative thoughts? I think because we are fearful people and always fear from tomorrow. We don’t have daring to take a challenge or we are always fearful of changes. We are more adventurous in talking, commenting than in becoming a human being in real life.

Let the sun and nature give me strength to stand up, fight and be cheerful not in this lockdown period but always. Let the rays of sun gives me hope that world can be much better place to live when we all humans joins hands and respect the nature and follow humanity. The sun is going to set because sun knows tomorrow morning he is going to rise again with a big colorful morning.

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