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ADDA (અડ્ડા)

ADDA (અડ્ડા) while studing Chartered Accountancy


In 1992 after graduating as Bachelor of Commerce from M S University Vadodara Gujarat India the future was dull as there were no specific goals in life except want to do something which make me a better person and give pride to my parents. One of my friend Swapnil Patel told let us do Chartered Accountancy (CA) and he knew one CA firm so we just went there, and the firm absorb us as such they must be waiting for cheap labor force. I did not inform my family also and in late evening went back home and told I am pursuing CA course. I am sure my parents might be feeling this boy has gone from hand as there was no communication, no guidance, no advise and just jump whatever come in front of eyes.


Since graduation I used to study at library so when I took 3 months break to appear for 2 groups of intermediate CA exam, I went to CA library at productivity road and that time I did not know anyone who were studying in library. It was chaotic place as due to some issue with building management there was no electricity power so no fan no light but I survived with others and then we made union (few seniors and few juniors like me) and went to CA chairman of Vadodara and demand for electricity to be restored. After few unsuccessful protests our demand met, and we got electricity back and we started studying with full luxury of fan and light.


Those who don’t know the CA students have to do article ship (in plain language part of cheap labor force who go and try to do audit of books of account so get practical experience before they officially become CA). The stipend prescribed by CA Institute of India was INR 150 per month at first year, INR 225 in second and INR 350 in third year. One can imagine how cheap labor force a CA student used to be. Now as I wanted to be independent and live on my own so-called stipend, I must survive on this stipend saving for 3 months of study. (during exam leave you don’t get stipend). I used to study from morning 9 am to 12 am night so require 2 tea breaks one in morning and one in evening. I met bunch of friends who become lifetime friends and we all have same issue to survive on that stipend. During those days a cup of tea cost INR 1 so we were 5 together so one time cost INR 5 and sometime we ordered some snacks of 2 dollar (sing bhujiya, sev) and when time comes to make payment everyone look at each other and finally one of us will pay with heavy heart. The tea stall vendor also knows our gang so he will give full cup of tea and once in a month the tea used to be free. I used to keep some snacks from home but eating in library was not allowed so we used that snacks only at night when there were very few of us.


I met few amazing humans there and two of them are so close to my life. Raghvendrasinh Jhala (we call him Bapu with love) and Sanjay Bhatt (half of the time I cannot understand what he is saying in high coded language). When first time I saw Sanjay at library he had long beard and he was repairing a watch. For 30 minutes I kept watching him as I was wondering whether this English gentleman came to library by mistake as he must be a genuine craftsman. Then he looked at me and told with big smile when I get bored from study, I do all these. Then he took a pipe tobacco pouch and asked me to walk with him. He smokes pipe and I was watching him as such he is from different planet. Then after few days I met Bapu and we become 3 musketeers of library. In few days I started first taste of pipe and I got used to the smoking pipe with different flavor of tobacco. I did not have enough money to buy so Sanjay used to sponsor and he gifted me 2 pipes also (one of them still with me). Then one fine late evening Sanjay came with big cigar which I had seen only on photos of Winston Churchill and English movies. I tried and I coughed so much that I thought I am going to die but I survived, and life moves on between pipe, cigar and cigarettes.


Bapu and me were staying nearby and he always gives me ride on his 737 Boeing (Bajaj scooter but he had number plate 737). Sometime when we did not had money for petrol, we either ride on bicycle or walk back. During Navaratri one night we both were going back home on bicycle and all beautiful girls were passing through us for garba and no one notice us. It hurt our ego very badly and we decided that from next day we walk back home so girls feel we are just roaming from one place to another place. Bapu always comes with brilliant ideas. We both used to smoke a lot so sometime at night we don’t have matchbox (lighter was luxury) so he decided that in morning we should throw some matchsticks on stair case so at night when we are running out of it, we just grab those and it was working amazing some of the time. (I require another long article to write about Bapu so just stopping here)


After completing 3 years of article ship and completing intermediator groups, I tried my luck at Deloitte Bombay, but they rejected me as such I was from 3rd world citizen who don’t know what Deloitte standards is. Then I joined Deloitte Baroda and met my life Purvi there. She was appearing for first group of CA and to become closer to her I encouraged (indirectly forced her) to start reading in library. Initially she was hesitant but then she became regular and our love story started flourishing. She was shy and used to speak very few words and I am chatterbox. In evening we both planned to go back home same time and then we had found a small department store where we used to sit for half an hour. Everyday we sat there and either have double decker or Thumbs up. We both don’t recall how many Cadburys and thumbs up we had, and the young storekeeper was witness of our chitchat. The moment we reached his store he used to keep both things in hand, and I picked up one of it. During those days my scooter got spoiled and I requested Purvi to drop for lunch in noon and evening at home. In morning and night Bapu always there to gave me ride. I was so mean that I asked Purvi to follow my timing (if I am hungry early, she had to get up early, if I am not hungry, she must keep studying till I finished). Whenever we talked about those days Purvi keep saying you are always boss in timing hahahahahha. Purvi never liked my smoking habits so whenever I smoked outside, she will not come outside library to talked to me. For 2 months Purvi had given me ride on her kinetic honda (3132 the number plate) and that was golden period of life as it were days when I had proposed her to become life partner. Till now she is keep giving me ride and safely bringing me to home whenever I lost the way or goes out of box to explore unknown roads.


Purvi’s friend Sachi Biyani started coming to library and we 3 become friends. Before going home in evening, I used to smoke pipe to relax mind and the moment I smoke pipe, Sachi used to come out and start reading there. She asked me same question every day. What you starting and thinking while smoking pipe? My standard answer used to be blank sky, rising moon and the smoke of pipe keep me alive. I still don’t understand why she used to ask me same question every day and I keep answering her every day. She now become very famous spiritual writer and speaker. Me, Purvi and Sachi used to go for tea on Sunday at one store (as whole place surrounding our library remain closed on Sunday) with most strange and weird tea vendor. He never smiles, he never talks, we order tea and he serve the tea with so much anger that every Sunday we discuss why he is always angry and why he never smiles. I remembered one of the Sundays he had talked to me and asked why we always come Sunday to his tea store. I replied oh all others store remains closed on Sunday and he was again in angry mood. That Sunday he made worst of worst tea and we 3 laughed a lot. I think that was the last cup of tea at his stall.


Sunday when the whole area remained quiet, we used to go and study anywhere on staircase of shopping mall, near tree trunk or someone vehicle parked onside road. We were throwing our tantrum of boredom as we hate study on Sunday whenever one is enjoying the relax life and we bunch of non-humans were busy with books.


I still remembered one of the most idiotic acts which would have cost me my life. One night I thought my scooter had not enough petrol for to reach back home. While studying my mind was keep thinking for it so I decided to go and check how much petrol is there. The parking place had dim light so I could not see anything. Without thinking anything I took one matchstick and light and try to check petrol with its light. Suddenly the flame started, and I had no idea what to do and I was blowing like idiot which was bringing more flame and I had little burns on my hand and my head. So, I thought let me run away so I just closed the petrol tank and the flame stopped. For few days I remained quiet on this then one day I told Bapu and he was shocked and kept looking me as such I am monkey of zoo. Then he just put hand on my shoulder and told in future if you don’t know what to do then call me but don’t use your brain and then we both smoke a big cigar to celebrate my stupidity.


After completing CA, I used to go to library as member and when I saw other students reading, I was just keep smiling and the caretaker Ketan always asked me whenever you come then why you keep smiling. How to explain him that this is the place which had given me my life, the best of best friends I have and the golden moments of life which is remain alive in each cell of my mind and heart. I remembered the day me and Bapu both became CA (though I qualified few weeks later as I passed in re-examination. That re-examination was also thanks to Purvi as she done all submission) we both went there late evening and smoked a lot of cigarette as there is no tomorrow as we wanted to tell the world that we did it and we are now CA. For some reason Sanjay could not joined us that day (maybe he was frustrated that he could not complete with us) otherwise the whole area would have been full of smoke)


The adda of CA library will remain always inside me. Me and Purvi frequently talks about those days and keep smiling and finally I penned down my memories. Now waiting to find another adda where I can just relax and spend rest of my retirement life


Mainak Panchal






Rosy (Poisonous) Media

The title of article is very catchy as whether we should consider media as rosy and socially responsible or poisonous for the common people’ mind. The thoughts are my own and I am not blaming any media or any other form of news channels for their behavior as they might be correct in their own way and as a human I have right to express my thoughts.

The first published newspaper was as per google search engine was

the Relation aller Furnemmen und gedenckwurdigen Historien

Johann Carolus (1575-1634) was the publisher of the Relation aller Furnemmen und gedenckwurdigen Historien (Collection of all Distinguished and Commemorable News). The `Relation’ is recognized by the World Association of Newspapers, as well as many authors, as the world’s first newspaper.

When the first newspaper had been published the idea was to provide the news to the people so the day to day activities within the surrounding society or the world reach to common people. Over the period the newspaper keeps changing and changing. The corporate houses have started investing in newspaper and the real war begins. It is well known fact that lots of newspapers are biased and they will play in hands of political parties and corporate houses. No one can deny this fact and over the period everyone has accepted this fact. I am sure there will be thousands of newspapers getting published everyday (jn paper form) and as per World Press Trend Report there are 2.5 billion people reading the newspaper and 600 million using digital form of newspaper.

The first digital newspaper was The Columbus Dispatch on 1st July 1980 and the new trend had been begins. In 1980 CNN become first 24 hours NewsChannel and in 1995 one of the most trusted news media BBC World started broad casting 24 hours free to air international news channel.

Currently in India as per google search engine 403 news channel are in India in different languages ( When you see the number your eyes get wide and look at the number of people employed and how many other businesses are supported because of news channels.

This is why I term Rosy Media. It fascinates you with following fact:

  • 24 hours news
  • In split of second the news spread
  • By sitting in remote part of world you get update for rest of world at your fingertip
  • The hard work of reporters who put their life at risk to capture the news either in war zones, flood, riots, earthquake

Each coin as two side two side so this rosy media has other side which I call poisonous media which gives the news and share the stories which has no relevance or they behave like maniacs I used to watch the NewsChannel as I love to know about the world and feel proud of the journalists who put day and night one to give us the latest news. However, I feel with digital media and online news channels the media lost its honesty and dignity. The newspaper when we are holding on our hand (slowly less and less people prefer print newspaper) you are not sure whether the news published are biased or controlled by Government. Sometime the newspaper is publishing the news which has no value and slowly you feel the newspaper is just becoming tissue paper to clean the garbage. Why suddenly this media become so poisonous? Why we loosing trust from media? Whether the race to become most readable and giving most exciting scoop is deteriorating the media?

The news channels which used to provide the best of best live update are becoming shouting channels (specifically Indian news channel). Once upon a time I used to watch TIMES NOW and I was feeling happy that one of the Indian channels is growing so fast and all the news reporters are working so hard. Over a period, I realized it is a circus as the news anchor is just shouting his/her lungs out. They call the bunch of the people so called experts of the subject and they start debate but most of the time in debate it is only shouts and there is no conclusion. The conclusion might be already decided before the debate as in end the news anchor will give his/her conclusion. The news channels become source of spreading fake news and terror as where the best of best spy agencies cannot reach, the news reporter will reach. I always remember that you must reach in amazon forest where sun rays also cannot reach. Now we should say you should reach where a news reporter cannot reach.

I am not against media as I love to read news and my morning 30 minutes on breakfast table is meant for news. I just request media that give us the news and don’t give us scoops. The media is source of the information and it is not source to pour biased, poison in the people’s mind. The reporter is losing its independent personality as they are forced to express the views which the Government or the ruling party of the nation wants. I want the media back where I trust the words and I read to understand the current affairs of world, I want to learn, I want to see the images of the world where I cannot go or reach. I wish National Geography would be running a newspaper as I truly feel they are one of the most genuine publishers (though some reports says they have their own dirty politics) but as of now it is one of the best magazine to learn on humans, animals, science and above all some of the best of best images.

Let the poisonous media gets it ROSY image back


20th September 2020

Me Mohan (the Migrant)

This is the story of a migrant who moved from third world country (in eyes of world) to one of world’s most developed country and I have tried to narrate story through his mind and words.


Me Mohan born in a small town of State of Gujarat India where the life is surrounded by farms small hills a small river where 9 months of 12 months there is no water. I studied in a small school in our own native language Gujarati and from standard 5th we used to learn English. I was not a bright student and I was more interested in playing pranks on teachers and fellow student then with books. My parents were working hard in farms to feed the family of 7 (we are 3 brothers and 2 sisters, and I was middle child). My uneducated parents used to tell me study hard and make future instead of living a hard life like them. I thought they did not enjoy their childhood, so they don’t want me to enjoy my childhood.


I completed my school at passing marks and then done diploma in civil in nearby Government College. During college days also I was roaming around, spending the hard-earned money of my parents on food, cloths and smoke. I was enjoying the life of young village boy who had not seen the town life. For a moment I was not thinking how my parents were managing my college fee and my monthly allowance. For them their own child was becoming a graduate and going to be a babu so his life become a good life.


After college (again clearing at passing mark) I faced the reality of hard life as not able to get any job and my family was expecting now support from me. I was seeing stars and dark clouds in middle of hot day. I looked for a job at every option I could have think of, but my result was walking 2 steps ahead of me wherever I go. Finally, I got a job of store clerk in construction company and the pay was so lousy and long working hours. When I got my first salary, I was so thrilled and when I put that money into my parents hand their eyes were sparking with happiness and pride. I was working without heart and as usual because of my age my parents made me married to a simple village girl. I could not afford to bring her to town so every weekend I used to go back and spend the new married life moments. Day by day I was cursing myself for not studying hard. I was keep looking for options to improve my life and then I met an agent who used to take huge amount of money and arrange for a job in Singapore (first time I heard that there is a country like that). I had not enough money so with selfishness I convinced my wife and sold her gold ornaments to move to Singapore for a job.


I got my work permit (I did not know what it was till I landed Singapore) and my agent came to pick me up. I was so thrilled to in a foreign country with lots of high-rise buildings, so may white skin people and everywhere cleanliness. I felt this must be heaven which I had studied in school and my parents used to tell me when I was child. I reached to my new home which was hostel and there were 1000 of foreign workers from different countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, Myanmar. It was totally a new experience for me to live with different people and in small neat clean room. Slowly my new life started, and I started gaining new experience and everyday evening I used to stand in small balcony and missed my family and my wife (it is irony of life that after marriage you miss your wife more than your parents). First time I went to little India and it was a new experience for me as thousand of migrant workers were there and I felt like I was in a new town of India. First time I sent the money through money transfer and I was thrilled that how easy it was. I used to call my parents once a week and to my wife daily. She was happy that I am earning now money in foreign country, but we are so far from each other.


After 2 years of hard work I got a chance to visit my home and I shopped for everyone as such no tomorrow. When I reached my home there was a festival in my home and I was treated like a hero. I stayed for more than 3 weeks as per my leave entitlement and I was so happy to spend time with my parents and my lovely wife. Me and my wife dreamed that if I get more money by hard work and if Singapore Government allow then I will call her so she can stay with me and we can live the real life of husband and wife.


I came back in January 2020 and suddenly a new virus spread from China to various part of Asia and Singapore got its first case. As a dumb worker I never understand what this virus is but slowly everybody started talking about it. In bus and train everyone started keeping distance from each other as human avoid another human. I was scared but I was sure that Singapore Government is handling everything clearly. By March 2020 the virus spread in India and slowly one by one country got lockdown. It was so difficult to understand for uneducated person like me that how virus can come all the way from China to whole world and how suddenly people are dying.


Our movement had been restricted and one fine morning when I was getting ready for work our hostel suddenly buzzing with activities. We have been informed that our hostel got 5 positive case and to safeguard life of ours as well as other people of Singapore we must remain in our room only. The food and other day to day required items will be provided by Government. There was medical test for each of us and I was feeling like to run away and go to my family who was also in lockdown. Each moment of my day I was remembering the golden moments with my family and the happiness I had with my wife. I am wondering everyday whether I will be alive whether I will able to see my aging parents whether I will again able to hold my wife in my arms. We don’t have any choice other than staying within room and we have been provided free WIFI, so I used to watch movies and keep talking to my family in India. How lucky I am that I am in Singapore where I have been paid my salary though I am in lockdown. There is a money transfer facility in our hostel (specially arrange by Singapore Government) so I can send some money to my family so they can survive.


The life has taken a big turn, and everyone is living with hope that tomorrow will be a new day and the virus will be killed by nature and we all will live normal human life. We all are scared in hostel and Government is keep helping us with all day to day life. The minister come and visit us and explain us that you are not been prisoned but this is for your own safety and I feel so good that I am in safe hands.


The Sun is going to shine again and there will be happiness everywhere. We will back to our hard-working life, I will able to meet my wife and parents soon. I have promised myself that I will be cleaner and follow hygiene, which is now mandatory, but it should be essential in my life. I should wear fresh wash cloths and take shower regularly. I should wash my hands regularly with soap and I should respect others as in this crisis time everyone is coming out to help us as we don’t have family with us.


I Mohan salute the health workers, the security staff and Government of Singapore to protect me and 1000 of migrant workers who has left their families behind for betterment of the life of their families. Without the hard work of healthcare workers and determination of Government the life could be different


Mainak Panchal

12th July 2020


When I was young (may be 12 or 13 years old) my father was talking to my mom about a gentleman. He is a great author, but he was behaving very badly with his family, so my mom told though he is a great author in her eyes he doesn’t stand as a human. My father told that time these words in our native language Gujarati હું માનવી માનવ થાવ તો ઘણું. I was not able to understand the words and thought my so much learned father is cracking a joke. But those words remain inside me till now and I keep trying to understand what my father was trying to convey that time. I asked him and he told it would be better if you understand yourself one day. I totally forgot about these words and this conversation. In 1994, Surat the diamond city of world got infected by plague and there was a chaos everywhere in the city. The newspaper was flooding with stories of pain, death etc. etc. The local Surat people were going out of city to save themselves and their own relatives or friends are turning back to them because they feared these people can bring the disease in our home.

When I read that I was shocked and suddenly remember what my father was telling my mom. We humans become inhuman as we don’t want our own relatives, our own blood, our own friends to protect because we are feared of our own life. After so many years in 2020 we have COVID 19 which has captured the whole world in its grip and human has no answer for it (as on today). When the panic started there were stories of China and other countries where their own friends and neighbors are avoiding them because they had recent travel history. In some cases, there were attack on doctors and nurses because they are more exposed to patients who have been infected with COVID 19.

There was news in the media that some food court stalls have refused to sale food to healthcare workers and asked them not to sit in food court. We humans were ignoring or insulting our own humans only because they are putting their life into risk by treating the patients. Why? We are worse than animals. The humans are considered as most intelligent animal on planet earth because we can speak the common language, but animals cannot speak a common language (to the extent I know). It is hard to believe that we were insulting and attacking the healthcare workers who are there when we need them. Imagine one person insult a healthcare worker and after few days if the same person got infected and this healthcare worker will refuse to treat this person. No because he is committed to his/her profession and he is there to save our own life.

Where are our values? Whether we humans are so selfish that we can think of our own self only? One side we have people like Gandhi, Mandela, Luther king who had sacrifice their life only for humans and make humans proud. At same time we have Hitler, Idi Amin who had crushed the humans only to prove their so-called fake greatness. We humans are worst animals on planet earth as for our benefit we do anything. Why human cannot respect another human? Whether a migrant worker, a cleaner or a health worker is not human? Why we turn our face when a cleaner or migrant worker pass nearby us? We are so clean and fresh with perfume and this worker had put 12 hours of day on hard work and must be smelling but he is human first. If we cannot change their lives, then let us give some respect to them. Sometime when I walk around my housing estate early morning then I see the constructions workers who must have woke up 5 am and their boss left to site by 6 am. They sleep on roadside till 7 am and then they take their quick breakfast from packed food. They work like crazy till 12 pm and then again take lunch (mostly on roadside where they are working and then they take a break to rest on stones or nearby shadow. The other so call humans walk and spoil their face by seeing sleeping workers. They don’t realise that when we are resting in our home or working in aircon offices these workers are working on hot humid or cold environment just to make sure we get a better home, better roads or luxurious shopping mall.

Scientists proved that we monkey are our ancestors and we were part of that group of animals. Humans become intelligent and walk away from animal hood but whether we humans really come out from that animal hood. We kill animals to feed our stomach, we make fun of animals by showing them in circus, we use animals to test and experiment medicines before it can be used on us. Why? Only because those animals are weak, cannot protest, cannot say no we use them like anything. In some countries, the females are been lied down on naked on restaurant tables. The food served on the woman’s naked body and we humans eat from that body. Wah human wah you are so great. You don’t respect your own race then how you can respect the other animals and nature. That woman lying on table must be forced to do so her family can get 2 pieces of bread. Why no one object to this? Whether one human has money so he/she become king and can do anything to others.

Hey human wake up before it is too late. Respect your own race and respect the other animals otherwise one day the other animals will be ruling us, and we will be their slave. Treat other human as yourself and don’t show your power of strength and money to make them weak or crush them.

I human take an oath that I will respect all other humans as I respect myself and I will respect the nature and other living animals as I respect my own family.

Let me be more human and the words which I learned during childhood proved correct once again હું માનવી માનવ થાવ તો ઘણું

Mainak Panchal

14th June 2020

Window of Hope

This morning when I woke up and was getting ready to work from home, I saw sun coming out from sky through our window. The sky was telling me to cheer up world is not going to end and as nature when I am bringing colourful morning then why you are so stress and depress?

Life during lockdown is a new experience for all of us. When I was looking out of window, I was trying to feel pain of a prisoner, a patient or a migrant who stuck up at their respective places and waiting for destiny to bring some change. If we compare our lockdown pain with them then I felt, we are in far better condition compared to what they might be suffering. It is a test of our mind power, unity, humanity and finally as my wife says it is war against your own self to believe in yourself and your positiveness.

The prisoner behind the cell must be going through pain of what action he did and might be wondering when he will see the real world and his own family back. He lives with a hope that one day he will be free. He may not able to see the sun like you and me are seeing. He doesn’t have a freedom to watch movies on Netflix or use mobile to talk to anyone in world at any time. He must be keeping himself alive with hope that one day he will be a good man and world will accept him. In current lockdown situation we are not prisoners, but we are law abide citizens who wants to defeat virus and make world much better place to live.

The patient who is lying on bed of hospital is fighting with each second of his life to see again the bright side of life. Whether he has any choice other than hope? He hopes that medicines will work, his body will react to medical treatment and family waiting outside or at home will see him back soon. The family must be going through pain, anxiety and stress. Whether their pain, anxiety and stress can be compared with our lockdown situation? The answer is no as we are anxious and feeling stress for being force down with lockdown. Whether Government is going to get any benefits or any personal gain from lockdown? The lockdown is for our own safety and care.

I am writing this but back of my mind stress is going on whether the economy will survive the fallback, whether my job will continue, whether anything will happen to me or those near me? Why this restlessness or negative thoughts? I think because we are fearful people and always fear from tomorrow. We don’t have daring to take a challenge or we are always fearful of changes. We are more adventurous in talking, commenting than in becoming a human being in real life.

Let the sun and nature give me strength to stand up, fight and be cheerful not in this lockdown period but always. Let the rays of sun gives me hope that world can be much better place to live when we all humans joins hands and respect the nature and follow humanity. The sun is going to set because sun knows tomorrow morning he is going to rise again with a big colorful morning.

Life Part 2


In every part of the world you can find this person. You try your best to avoid him but he will come from anywhere. The moment he see you he will become a cow and start begging for anything like money, food, cloths etc. There is no word SHAME in their dictionary. Sometime when you look at some of the beggar you will be amused to see their perfect body then will feel why he is a beggar. One day I asked a young beggar that you are a young and having a fit body then why you are a beggar. He replied no body is giving a job and if get a job he is also going to give slang so better hear this slang as I am not slave of anyone. Then like a philosopher he told SIR who is not begging as someone begging for money, someone for job, someone for love, someone for body. Then he goes beyond and told me SIR for your promotion also you are begging to your boss. What a philosophy from a beggar? The life of a beggar is meant for insult, whether he gets money or not but definitely he will get insult. Beggar also have union and they have also love affair (all human is hungry for love). I had read a nice love story on beggar when I was in school. “The landlord of the house had asked a couple who were begging on the road to help in cleaning the garbage during the marriage in the house. After sometime the couple was taking rest and the landlord insult the man so the beggar got angry as the landlord had insulted him against his wife.” What is the motive of their life as since morning to night they are just asking for money, food and taking the insult/slangs from the people? They don’t have any goal/aim from the life except give birth to five children as more head more income to the family. I had read somewhere that the moment the child gets birth, they will take him/her to the witch doctor that will damage either hand or leg so the child will become handicapped and can earn more money with sympathy. What a cruelty to the new born child? Sometime you can notice very ugly looking woman and then you can notice she has a child. Who must have done sex with her?

The life of a beggar is totally useless life. They are burden on the world and they create more burdens by producing children. They have no aim towards life as they are born due to the lust of their parents or lust of wealthy man who wants to throw some money and get some sex. Some of the beggars are due to circumstances and I pity them. In nut shell, the beggars are lifeless people for me.


The people who spread terror are always on the list of hate since the birth of Adam and Eva and they will remain till humans are alive in the world. In great old days they were knows as devils, and then knows as robin hoods, then murders/killers and now known as terrorist. Sometime back I read one article on Indian Robin Hoods in Singapore paper and it was portrait as saints as they do the robbery of rich and cruel people and distribute to the needy people. They never rob poor, never attacked on children, never rape woman. I think we have to tell their stories to Obama and other terrorist.

A person cannot be a born terrorist but the circumstances, poorness, unemployment and most important religion takes them to terrorism. In the modern world why we can find more Islamic terrorist then other religions? Why they are only suffering problems, they are the only who have all the difficulties in the life? Before two years the terrorist attack in Russia was horrible, it was most cruel attack on humans and shown to the world the meaning of cruelty. The small children were not aware why they were kidnapped. They didn’t provide a glass of water to the young and small children and not allowed to drink their own urines. It was a shock and top of that they were laughing when the children were crying. Whether their desire for revenge was so high that they forget that one of them might be his son/brother/father? I never understand that by killing others what they exactly want to prove. When I asked this question to one of my friend he told me they are doing marketing of their killing skills. What the hell? But if you think for a moment you will realize he is right. The moment a dictator decide to spread terror he will contact the best terrorist so in their field also marketing. When I was reading an article about a terrorist as he had been insulted, had been attacked so many times that finally he fed up and became terrorist. I was thinking if I would be in his place whether I would have done the same. (My wife purvi told if you have some problem in food, you take half of the world on your head then understand how much he had suffered to become a terrorist).

A terrorist is always walking with death warrant, he is always surrounded by the enemies and his life is so dangerous that when he is drinking tea he may not aware that the death is just a distance away. Sometime I feel pity for them because when they die there will be no one to give them a proper funeral and it will be worded as death of a dog. The humans have become devil instead of becoming human. There is no end of terrorism as to protect one’s interest someone has to lose something. But for me the life is just hell and that they have created their own. The life has only one goal and that is to take revenge from the world as they have suffered something. They forget that due to their cruelty a new terrorist is taking birth. What a waste of life?

See you in Part 3…..

Life Part 1

The four letter word describe so many things but whether we really understand the meaning of this word. Whenever I am thinking with full peace I feel we use this word as and when but we really don’t know the meaning of the word. Let us forget about other, I am in this world since last 37 years but I also don’t know the meaning. Whenever I am sitting alone at the sea and looking at the roaring waves I try to find the meaning of the word but every time it gives me a new meaning. I try to put all the meaning to get a confirm meaning but I didn’t get any success. Since childhood I am asking myself why I am living, why I am here, what I am doing and what I am supposed to do. The questions come to me everyday since last 37 years but never get satisfactions from the answers. In this 37 years I have seen the world (to the extent my eyes allowed me), enjoyed it, made lots of friends, girl friends, got a lovely family, lovely wife, read the books (readable or not readable), listen so many facts and speak on so many issues but till today never get the real meaning of it.

Once I thought it would be better to check with Purvi and some of my friends but they also get confused. One of my friend told me he want to do social service, so I asked him very good man but how you like to do so he replied if I knew then I would be doing it. Story over. Sometime I am thinking so many people (including me) are living without any goal. They are living as they born on earth as their parents got excited for few moments and hence living. Whenever I think of my grandmother I feel so amused. She didn’t had any education, didn’t like to talk, cannot hear properly (if you speak slowly then she will tell you what you speak). She gets up early then just sit at one corner of the home for the whole day. I get scared from the life whenever I think of her, but then I console myself that you are educated, you love reading so don’t worry. My mom always tell a person should live only till he/she can do her own work and the day he/she start relying on others for daily routine then make end of life. (The religious people will shout you are not god as God gives birth and God gives death). I always feel the poor and beggars are giving birth to number of children to get more income and get support for the old age. Their motto keep producing children as we want now and let the child decide his/her own fate. I remembered one dialogue between one of my close family. “Son asks for pocket money so father got angry and told I am not earning for your pleasure and entertain your hobbies. The brave son of brave father just replied if you are not able to earn and fulfill my pleasure then before giving birth have you asked me whether I want to born.” What to say? But if you give a second thought then I would feel that boy is right. The poor parents don’t know what they are going to eat but they will ensure that they give birth to five children and let the world suffer the consequences. Sometime go to a slum area and have a look (those sophisticated people can take a bottle of perfume). You will see small young children are playing in mud, the slangs are exchanged, some matured young may be smoking and people like us will just spoil the face and keep walking. But the children are not at fault as they have not come at their wish but living due to two minute fun of their parents. Government is talking about one child policy but where are the steps, where are the incentives.

When we all are sitting at home and talking about the old golden days my mom always mentioned that in old time people have six or seven children is a common factor. I really feel amused by this as I feel in old days what is role of woman: give birth to ten children (10 years gone), then spent life behind them to make them educated, and then once they got married take care of their children. If I have to break the limit, I would describe them as machine to generate children and machine to maintain children. We must respect those women as without doing any rebel they convert themselves into machine.

Now let me come to main issue of meaning of life as I gone to some other track from the main track. Purvi always say once you start speaking like Murari Bapu then it is difficult to stop you. When I was child my father was telling a story to my mother and in that story it was mentioned that all human being have right to die themselves. That time I didn’t understand the meaning of it but during the span of 37 years when I have seen my own people dying with pain and they suffered a lot then I felt if no one ask me when I born (whether I want to born or don’t want) then why I have to ask anyone when I want to die. I don’t get a right to die also. I read somewhere that some of the countries are now making it legal to give right to death to humans. I remembered one discussion I had with my father at very young age. Me and my father went for a night walk and we saw a beggar who had no hands n no legs. He was having just bones and very old but was still living. I asked my father why he is living on mercy of others, he should die. My father told every human being is scared of death. If you put a gun on this man’s head he will start screaming of mercy and ask you to leave him live. I was laughing on my father and felt as he is a professor must be reading and writing so much so his mind gets this kind of ideas. But today at age of 37 I feel he is right. (My mom will say you never listen to him). Before five year, I was travelling in hired taxi and we had an accident and I saw death just passed through me and from that day I am scared of death. Initially I was saying death cannot beat me but I will beat the death but now I am scared and I think everyone scared like me. Death comes to all without looking at religion, money, country and there is no solution of it. I always believe let the death come and till that enjoy the life, have fun, keep laughing and live in today. Purvi always think for tomorrow and I always tell her don’t worry for tomorrow and let us live in today.

The meaning of life can be different from person to person and one way to find the meaning is to look in the life of some of the people to see whether they have a correct meaning of life. Whether they are living with a goal and whether their goal is right or because of their goal others are suffering? While talking with Purvi on this, I tell her let us take four different characters and look into their life and their goal to life so we may get the meaning of life. (My sister will say you love to talk with all in a village and have topic for everyone). The below thoughts of the individual character are my own thoughts and I don’t know how many of you agree with it but I always like to express my feelings in my own way.

See you in Part 2…..