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Life Part 2


In every part of the world you can find this person. You try your best to avoid him but he will come from anywhere. The moment he see you he will become a cow and start begging for anything like money, food, cloths etc. There is no word SHAME in their dictionary. Sometime when you look at some of the beggar you will be amused to see their perfect body then will feel why he is a beggar. One day I asked a young beggar that you are a young and having a fit body then why you are a beggar. He replied no body is giving a job and if get a job he is also going to give slang so better hear this slang as I am not slave of anyone. Then like a philosopher he told SIR who is not begging as someone begging for money, someone for job, someone for love, someone for body. Then he goes beyond and told me SIR for your promotion also you are begging to your boss. What a philosophy from a beggar? The life of a beggar is meant for insult, whether he gets money or not but definitely he will get insult. Beggar also have union and they have also love affair (all human is hungry for love). I had read a nice love story on beggar when I was in school. “The landlord of the house had asked a couple who were begging on the road to help in cleaning the garbage during the marriage in the house. After sometime the couple was taking rest and the landlord insult the man so the beggar got angry as the landlord had insulted him against his wife.” What is the motive of their life as since morning to night they are just asking for money, food and taking the insult/slangs from the people? They don’t have any goal/aim from the life except give birth to five children as more head more income to the family. I had read somewhere that the moment the child gets birth, they will take him/her to the witch doctor that will damage either hand or leg so the child will become handicapped and can earn more money with sympathy. What a cruelty to the new born child? Sometime you can notice very ugly looking woman and then you can notice she has a child. Who must have done sex with her?

The life of a beggar is totally useless life. They are burden on the world and they create more burdens by producing children. They have no aim towards life as they are born due to the lust of their parents or lust of wealthy man who wants to throw some money and get some sex. Some of the beggars are due to circumstances and I pity them. In nut shell, the beggars are lifeless people for me.


The people who spread terror are always on the list of hate since the birth of Adam and Eva and they will remain till humans are alive in the world. In great old days they were knows as devils, and then knows as robin hoods, then murders/killers and now known as terrorist. Sometime back I read one article on Indian Robin Hoods in Singapore paper and it was portrait as saints as they do the robbery of rich and cruel people and distribute to the needy people. They never rob poor, never attacked on children, never rape woman. I think we have to tell their stories to Obama and other terrorist.

A person cannot be a born terrorist but the circumstances, poorness, unemployment and most important religion takes them to terrorism. In the modern world why we can find more Islamic terrorist then other religions? Why they are only suffering problems, they are the only who have all the difficulties in the life? Before two years the terrorist attack in Russia was horrible, it was most cruel attack on humans and shown to the world the meaning of cruelty. The small children were not aware why they were kidnapped. They didn’t provide a glass of water to the young and small children and not allowed to drink their own urines. It was a shock and top of that they were laughing when the children were crying. Whether their desire for revenge was so high that they forget that one of them might be his son/brother/father? I never understand that by killing others what they exactly want to prove. When I asked this question to one of my friend he told me they are doing marketing of their killing skills. What the hell? But if you think for a moment you will realize he is right. The moment a dictator decide to spread terror he will contact the best terrorist so in their field also marketing. When I was reading an article about a terrorist as he had been insulted, had been attacked so many times that finally he fed up and became terrorist. I was thinking if I would be in his place whether I would have done the same. (My wife purvi told if you have some problem in food, you take half of the world on your head then understand how much he had suffered to become a terrorist).

A terrorist is always walking with death warrant, he is always surrounded by the enemies and his life is so dangerous that when he is drinking tea he may not aware that the death is just a distance away. Sometime I feel pity for them because when they die there will be no one to give them a proper funeral and it will be worded as death of a dog. The humans have become devil instead of becoming human. There is no end of terrorism as to protect one’s interest someone has to lose something. But for me the life is just hell and that they have created their own. The life has only one goal and that is to take revenge from the world as they have suffered something. They forget that due to their cruelty a new terrorist is taking birth. What a waste of life?

See you in Part 3…..

Life Part 1

The four letter word describe so many things but whether we really understand the meaning of this word. Whenever I am thinking with full peace I feel we use this word as and when but we really don’t know the meaning of the word. Let us forget about other, I am in this world since last 37 years but I also don’t know the meaning. Whenever I am sitting alone at the sea and looking at the roaring waves I try to find the meaning of the word but every time it gives me a new meaning. I try to put all the meaning to get a confirm meaning but I didn’t get any success. Since childhood I am asking myself why I am living, why I am here, what I am doing and what I am supposed to do. The questions come to me everyday since last 37 years but never get satisfactions from the answers. In this 37 years I have seen the world (to the extent my eyes allowed me), enjoyed it, made lots of friends, girl friends, got a lovely family, lovely wife, read the books (readable or not readable), listen so many facts and speak on so many issues but till today never get the real meaning of it.

Once I thought it would be better to check with Purvi and some of my friends but they also get confused. One of my friend told me he want to do social service, so I asked him very good man but how you like to do so he replied if I knew then I would be doing it. Story over. Sometime I am thinking so many people (including me) are living without any goal. They are living as they born on earth as their parents got excited for few moments and hence living. Whenever I think of my grandmother I feel so amused. She didn’t had any education, didn’t like to talk, cannot hear properly (if you speak slowly then she will tell you what you speak). She gets up early then just sit at one corner of the home for the whole day. I get scared from the life whenever I think of her, but then I console myself that you are educated, you love reading so don’t worry. My mom always tell a person should live only till he/she can do her own work and the day he/she start relying on others for daily routine then make end of life. (The religious people will shout you are not god as God gives birth and God gives death). I always feel the poor and beggars are giving birth to number of children to get more income and get support for the old age. Their motto keep producing children as we want now and let the child decide his/her own fate. I remembered one dialogue between one of my close family. “Son asks for pocket money so father got angry and told I am not earning for your pleasure and entertain your hobbies. The brave son of brave father just replied if you are not able to earn and fulfill my pleasure then before giving birth have you asked me whether I want to born.” What to say? But if you give a second thought then I would feel that boy is right. The poor parents don’t know what they are going to eat but they will ensure that they give birth to five children and let the world suffer the consequences. Sometime go to a slum area and have a look (those sophisticated people can take a bottle of perfume). You will see small young children are playing in mud, the slangs are exchanged, some matured young may be smoking and people like us will just spoil the face and keep walking. But the children are not at fault as they have not come at their wish but living due to two minute fun of their parents. Government is talking about one child policy but where are the steps, where are the incentives.

When we all are sitting at home and talking about the old golden days my mom always mentioned that in old time people have six or seven children is a common factor. I really feel amused by this as I feel in old days what is role of woman: give birth to ten children (10 years gone), then spent life behind them to make them educated, and then once they got married take care of their children. If I have to break the limit, I would describe them as machine to generate children and machine to maintain children. We must respect those women as without doing any rebel they convert themselves into machine.

Now let me come to main issue of meaning of life as I gone to some other track from the main track. Purvi always say once you start speaking like Murari Bapu then it is difficult to stop you. When I was child my father was telling a story to my mother and in that story it was mentioned that all human being have right to die themselves. That time I didn’t understand the meaning of it but during the span of 37 years when I have seen my own people dying with pain and they suffered a lot then I felt if no one ask me when I born (whether I want to born or don’t want) then why I have to ask anyone when I want to die. I don’t get a right to die also. I read somewhere that some of the countries are now making it legal to give right to death to humans. I remembered one discussion I had with my father at very young age. Me and my father went for a night walk and we saw a beggar who had no hands n no legs. He was having just bones and very old but was still living. I asked my father why he is living on mercy of others, he should die. My father told every human being is scared of death. If you put a gun on this man’s head he will start screaming of mercy and ask you to leave him live. I was laughing on my father and felt as he is a professor must be reading and writing so much so his mind gets this kind of ideas. But today at age of 37 I feel he is right. (My mom will say you never listen to him). Before five year, I was travelling in hired taxi and we had an accident and I saw death just passed through me and from that day I am scared of death. Initially I was saying death cannot beat me but I will beat the death but now I am scared and I think everyone scared like me. Death comes to all without looking at religion, money, country and there is no solution of it. I always believe let the death come and till that enjoy the life, have fun, keep laughing and live in today. Purvi always think for tomorrow and I always tell her don’t worry for tomorrow and let us live in today.

The meaning of life can be different from person to person and one way to find the meaning is to look in the life of some of the people to see whether they have a correct meaning of life. Whether they are living with a goal and whether their goal is right or because of their goal others are suffering? While talking with Purvi on this, I tell her let us take four different characters and look into their life and their goal to life so we may get the meaning of life. (My sister will say you love to talk with all in a village and have topic for everyone). The below thoughts of the individual character are my own thoughts and I don’t know how many of you agree with it but I always like to express my feelings in my own way.

See you in Part 2…..