About Mainak

I am Mainak Panchal born around books. During my school days my father had bought a book of Japanese photographer who had taken photos of Himalaya and the photos were so amazing that I was stunned, and I still feel goose bumps by remembering the photos.

When I was doing internship of my accountancy course, I went to valsad (a town of Gujarat surrounded by lush greenery) and one of my senior's last working visit, so I decided to carry my camera and took few photos. When my parents and few others saw the photos, they loved the way I captured. This is was beginning of my journey with camera which took small steps and still walking. I have amazing support and guidance of Purvi (my life) who don't only allow me to spend time with camera but also guide and spot the best place from where I can get candid photos.

The photography journey moves from roll camera to digital camera to DSLR Nikon D850. This is journey where you want to be at right place at right time and the click should be done at right moment to capture the best of best moment.

The journey is still not half way as there is lot to learn and understand. I get a partner in this long journey and Vipul is as enthusiastic as I am. He is a good companion who understand what I want what I am looking for and he put all efforts to get the task done.