About Vipul

I am Vipul Shah (Vips, friends call me with this short name). My passion for photography was ignited because of my father who had a huge collection of pictures featuring famous people, whom he met during his working life. On one of my birthdays, my friend Nilesh Parekh gifted me a film Kodak camera. I was on cloud nine and started using that camera regularly and this played an important role in harbouring my interest in photography.

Then I moved to SINGAPORE in 2002 to start a new life and soon after I bought my first Canon DSLR camera and started enjoying photography. After spending a few years in Singapore, I met Mainak and we become close friends. Initially, I was unaware that he loves photography as much as I do. It was one fine day that we were both casually chatting and we came to discover our shared interest in photography. As we started spending more time on this hobby and had moved past the amateur phase, we both decided to upgrade our cameras to the Nikon D 850. Since then, we have volunteered as event photographers and when the opportunity chanced upon us.

We aspire to work on this passion of ours to the best of our abilities by gathering the necessary expertise in the various forms of photography. This hobby of ours has always been the much needed getaway that we need in our lives considering me and him come from professions that are polar opposites from photography.

We hope to keep this spirit up and make the most of it in our lives by capturing the beauty that surrounds us, whether it is in the form of nature, family or architecture.